Our Passion For Food

Olive Burger, a restaurant that is more than just a burger joint, was established in March of 2012. The Miraki family never imagined that their humble beginnings would take off into one of the most popular burger places in the DFW area.

Our unique recipe and style have made Olive Burger stand out from the rest of the burger joints and has won us a big following. And even though Olive Burger has been quite a success, it has not always been an easy road.

In December of 2014, the Richardson location experienced a fire, which caused them to rebuild the entire place.After the fire, Olive Burger was backed up by unbelievable support from their customers, which allowed them to open a second location within a year of reopening the Richardson location.

Our objective is to make this family-owned business expand and eventually take over the world one burger at a time.